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5 Reasons to Swap Your Kitchen's Upper Cabinets for Exposed Shelves

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Most kitchens offer a variety of cabinets for storage. They can be fine at lower levels, but there are actually plenty of compelling reasons to swap out your upper cabinets for exposed shelves during your next kitchen renovation, and here are just five: 1. Easier Access The most obvious benefit that comes with replacing your cabinets with open shelves is being able to reach everything a lot more easily. Firstly, you won’t have to open any doors to grab what you need, which can be very nice when one of your hands is already holding something else. Read More»

Little Known Advantages of Choosing Timber Benchtops

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One of the elements that stand out in your kitchen are your benchtops, and this is because they take up a considerable amount of space. Thus, if you are remodelling your kitchen or are in the process of constructing one, you need to take your time when making a selection of benchtop materials to make sure that you pick one that will meet all your requirements. Although stone is one of the staple materials used for benchtops, one of the trends that is emerging is the use of timber. Read More»

4 Reasons to Consider Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, a great place to start is with your kitchen cabinets. This will make a large impact and can even increase the amount of storage in your kitchen. With cabinets, you can either choose pre-fabricated cabinets at your local home improvement store, or have them custom-made. Custom-made kitchen cabinets might cost a little more, but there are also some amazing benefits. Here are some reasons to consider custom kitchen cabinets for your remodeling project. Read More»

Advantages and Drawbacks of Different Stone Benchtops

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When it comes to giving your kitchen character as well as enhancing its efficiency, one of the elements that you would have to consider is benchtops. Benchtops come in a wide variety of options, and this can be confusing if you are purchasing benchtops for the first time. Rather than base your decision on cost you would have to consider the fact that your benchtops will become collateral damage due to the heavy exploitation that they experience. Read More»

A Few Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Functional and Attractive

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Your home’s kitchen needs to serve many functions; not only do you cook in a kitchen, but it’s where you store your food, trash bins, recycling bins, and many other items, and it may be a place where family gathers and where you entertain. This can make creating a working kitchen that you love very challenging! Note a few tips for keeping your home’s kitchen functional yet attractive, so you and your friends love spending time in that space. Read More»

4 Reasons to Resurface Instead of Replace Your Kitchen Benchtops

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From hot dishes to sharp knives, kitchen benchtops take a lot of abuse over the years. No matter how careful you are or how tough a benchtop material you invest in, you’re eventually going to start thinking that they look a little worn. From scratches to burns to outright chips, there are plenty of reasons to make a change. When people reach that point, they often decide to replace the benchtop without really giving any thought to the idea of having it resurfaced instead. Read More»

Converting half bathroom into a full bathroom

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Many houses have a spare powder room that doesn’t get much use. If you have some spare space converting a powder room into a full bathroom by adding a shower can add value and additional functionality to your house. Here are some tips to help you keep the cost down.  Aim to extend the bathroom into an area that already has plumbing While it is possible to extend a bathroom into any direction, it will be cheapest to extend the bathroom in an area that i already plumbed. Read More»

4 Reasons to Stick With a Radiator in Your Bathroom Instead of Installing Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor heating has really taken off as a coveted home improvement idea across the country, especially for rooms like the bathroom. While underfloor heating does come with a great list of benefits, it isn’t free from problems, and many people will be better off simply sticking with a radiator. Here are just four reasons why you should keep or replace your current bathroom radiator instead of going through the fuss and bother of installing underfloor heating. Read More»