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Is Tile Still Relevant In Kitchen Remodelling?

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The most common remodelling projects homeowners will carry out are kitchen renovations. Since these rooms experience heavy usage on a daily basis, they are bound to show signs of wear earlier than other areas of the home. But with the broad range of building supplies to choose from, some individuals may find it difficult selecting materials for their remodelling project.

Moreover, with the upsurge in popularity of materials such as laminate and vinyl, you may assume that tile is no longer a trendy option for your remodelling project. The reality, though, is that tile has remained a staple due to the vast array of styles that are being facilitated with advancements in the industry. Read on to find out why tile is still relevant in kitchen remodelling.

Wide selection available

A common assumption people have regarding tile is that there are only two options available, ceramic or porcelain. Tile is actually available in a full range of choices to select from. If you have a substantial budget, you could opt for premium materials such as marble, which would significantly boost the visual appeal of the room. On the other hand, if you would like to inject a contemporary aesthetic to the space, you could gravitate toward glass tiles, mirrored tiles or mosaic tiles. Not to mention that the tiles also come in varying colours and textures to suit any theme under the sun! Therefore, you can always be guaranteed to find tiles that would suit your preference when undertaking your remodelling project.

Exceptional versatility

Another reason why tile remains relevant in remodelling is the enhanced versatility that it will offer to your kitchen remodelling project. Unlike some other materials that can only be used for specific applications, tile can be installed in numerous places in and around your home. Whether you were looking to install new flooring, touch up your walls or put new countertops in, tile is a versatile solution to suit all your needs. This characteristic makes it especially advantageous for homeowners who are looking to revamp their kitchen from floor to ceiling.

Ease of maintenance

A pitfall of building supplies that some people do not bear in mind is that although they may be highly attractive, you would then be tasked with laborious maintenance to ensure that the materials stay pristine. This intensive maintenance can be a burden for individuals who do not have a lot of free time, and before they know it their kitchen remodel starts to become an eyesore. Tile is one of the easiest materials that you can clean. Additionally, if you opt for supplies such as glass tiles, you eliminate grout marks that tend to attract dirt.