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Why Hire a Joiner to Build Your Custom Wardrobes?

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If you want to install built-in wardrobes in your bedroom, then you may have already spent some time looking at off-the-shelf options. You know what you want, but you haven't quite found it yet.

If this is proving to be a trickier process than you anticipated, then why not talk to joinery companies who create bespoke built-in wardrobes? What are the benefits of using a joiner?

Get Complete Customisation

Even companies that specialise in built-in wardrobes have their limitations. While they are good at filling space and offer a range of design and storage options, you might not get exactly what you want.

For example, you might find built-in products that give you all the space you need in the right configuration; however, the company's designs and materials might not float your boat. Or, you might choose a style of wardrobe only to find that the company can't create the storage layout you need.

If you hire a joiner to do the job, then they work with your space and your requirements. They have more flexibility of materials; they can turn their hand to most designs, and they can build an interior storage layout to your exact specification.

Also, a joiner can make the most of the space you have. While built-in wardrobe companies can deal with difficult or tight areas in many cases, they have to adapt their products to do this. A joinery company uses the space as the template from which they create the wardrobe.

Get a Quality End Result

If you use flat-packed built-in wardrobes that you construct yourself, then you don't always get high-quality materials. Over the years, the wardrobes may get a bit wobbly and unstable.

Built-in wardrobe companies typically provide better quality products that will last longer. Their custom fitters create robust wardrobes.

However, parts of standard built-in wardrobes may not stand the test of time. For example, standard shelves and hanging areas can develop problems if they have to bear a lot of weight for a lot of years. Shelves can sag, and rails can come loose.

A joiner can help you create wardrobes that last a long time and look good. For example, they can use traditional carpentry techniques such as tongue and groove construction to create a more stable base for the wardrobes. They can reinforce shelves and hanging units to make them more long-lasting.

To find out more about the advantages of having built-in wardrobes custom-made, contact local joinery companies with experience in this kind of build.