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Ideas for Renovating a Multifunctional Kitchen

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Though the kitchen is primarily for food preparation, it has many other roles to play. It provides a place for socialising and, maybe, for studying or working as well. Designer kitchens let you customise this room to be as multifunctional as you wish. Here are some ideas.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island offers many opportunities for customisation, to make the room more versatile. You can build in an overhang and place stools against the island, creating a breakfast bar. You could add useful storage, such as a wine rack or shelves for glasses or even books, at one end.

An island provides a spot to socialise and prepare food. You can take things further in a spacious room. You could build a dining table on one end at a lower level, lengthening the island structure. Thus, you'll have a place for meals that is also the perfect height for working on a computer.

Study Nook

However, if you work from home semi-permanently, you might want a dedicated study nook in the kitchen. How you fit it in depends on the room layout. You might be able to build a compact work space behind two out-swinging louvred doors. Instead of a bulky desk, you could attach a floating tabletop to the wall and place an ergonomic office chair in front of it. Custom shelves and a cupboard on the wall above could provide storage.

Alternatively, if you have a butler's pantry, you could incorporate a study nook into that or convert the entire space into an office. Or do you have a walk-in pantry that you could transform after relocating the storage?

If you don't have a dedicated separate space to use, you may be able to construct a nook at a spot on the kitchen wall. At a minimum, you could use a little space to construct a floating bench table and chair. This could provide an alternative work setting to a home office, offering more variety.


If you're cooking, socialising, and working in the kitchen, it must be practical. Make sure the floor area offers enough leeway for the opening of appliance doors. Everyone can then move about the room.

You'll need to connect layers of lighting to complement the multi-functionality. Recessed ceiling lights will brighten up the kitchen overall. Under-cabinet strips will illuminate the bench areas. A study nook will require good reading light, and the kitchen island will need pendant fixtures. The crucial thing is to set up the various lighting options on separate switches. This will give you the control to create mood lighting if you're throwing a party or to illuminate a spot for work.