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4 Reasons to Fit a Soap Dispenser in Your Bathroom Instead of Relying on Bars of Soap

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It should go without saying that you should wash your hands before you leave your bathroom, and most households take care of that by offering a bar of soap. However, you should also consider adding a wall-mounted soap dispenser during your next renovation, and here are just four reasons why:

1. Large Capacity

Soap dispensers can hold a lot of soap, which is just one of the reasons why they tend to be used so extensively in commercial properties. Of course, you probably won't have fleets of businesspeople making use of your toilet each day, but it's still nicer to go a long time between refills than it is to constantly have to keep buying fresh bars of soap, especially since bars tend to run down faster as they get smaller.

2. No Mess or Fuss

One of the main problems with bars of soap is they tend to slide around a lot and isn't too hard for them slip out across the floor. Once they have been used, they become quite slick and sticky; a new bar of soap might look nice, but it isn't too long until they start looking discoloured and oddly-shaped. With soap dispensers, that isn't an issue that you'll have to worry about. Liquid soap drops out directly onto the hand.

3. Easier to Make a Habit

When the soap dispenser is right there in front of you, you're going to naturally reach out and get some liquid soap from it. All you need to do is rub it between your hands as you run water all over them, so everything is pretty simple. Bars of soap can go missing quite easily, and they're a little more annoying to use since they don't simply wash away in your hands like liquid soap does. This means that you, as well as your guests, are more likely to get into the habit of using soap when it comes in liquid form from a dispenser.

4. Variety of Styles

Both soap bars and liquid soap come in plenty of scents and colours, but liquid soap is generally a little more versatile in this regard; more products can be added to it since the soap doesn't need to stay solid. Additionally, you can use a soap dispenser to bring added style to your bathroom. The dispenser itself will create an upscale air, and you can even complement your current colour scheme by picking liquid soap of a similar colour. 

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