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5 Reasons to Stick with Kitchen Cabinets Instead of Opting for Exposed Shelves

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If you want to redo your kitchen, one of the most important things you're going to have to consider is whether you want cabinets or exposed shelves. The option you end up choosing is going to impact everything from how the kitchen functions to how it feels and looks. There are a few advantages that come with exposed shelves, but there's also more than one reason why cabinets are far more popular.

Here are just five:

1. Less Clutter

One of the most immediate problems that come with exposed shelves is that they won't disguise any clutter. Look online and you'll find pictures of kitchen shelves that hold flawlessly clean and organised items. In reality, kitchen storage needs to take all kinds of odds and ends, and having all those items exposed generally makes a room look too cluttered.

2. Keeps the Dust Out

Cleaning the kitchen is never a job to look forward to, and you'll find that things are much harder when you have exposed shelves. Since they aren't shut off like cabinets, dusts can build up more easily, and the grease that is produced while you cook can adhere to interior surfaces and the items that you're storing.

3. Safer Storage

Plenty of the items that you'll want to store in your kitchen are heavy, or breakable, or both. As such, you might find it a little stressful having them exposed on shelves instead of tucked behind cabinet doors. It will be easier to knock things down; remember any items that are knocked down can damage your floors or countertops, as well as breaking themselves.

4. More Volume

Cabinets can have quite a lot of volume, but shelves lack the proper support to project too far from the wall. As such, you'll often find yourself struggling to pack larger and bulkier items onto your shelves. This problem is compounded by the fact that shelves cannot generally take as much weight.

5. Superior Styling

With exposed shelves, you aren't going to have very many styling options, and any differences won't be very noticeable. In contrast, kitchen cabinets come in numerous styles and designs, and the fact that they are far more eye-catching allows you to change the way your kitchen looks without very much expense. Remember, exposed shelves will leave the wall behind visible, and that wall might not be in the best of condition. You might even find that there's wiring that runs behind your cabinets that will be exposed if you remove cabinets in favour of shelves.