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3 Stunning Ideas For A Feature Wall In Your Bathroom Renovation Project

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Feature walls are a popular option in interior design and often feature in bedrooms, lounge rooms and kitchens. An increasing number of Australian homeowners are also using feature walls to enhance and beautify their bathrooms. It's a great way to create a decorative focal point in your bathroom and to help display and emphasise other features such as the bathtub or vanity unit.

Unlike other rooms which generally use paint to create a feature wall, there are a variety of different materials that you can use in the bathroom. If you're considering including a feature wall in your bathroom renovations, then here are three beautiful and contemporary ideas that you might like to try.

1. Timber panelling

Timber is a beautiful, natural material that adds warmth and subtle colour to a bathroom. It's most commonly used for flooring or the vanity benchtop but is also an excellent option as a material for a bathroom feature wall. It's a great choice if you want to warm up the look of a minimalist or monochromatically styled bathroom.

When using timber in the bathroom it's vital to ensure that the timber will be exposed to water and steam on a daily basis. Opt for a solid hardwood that has a high oil content for natural water repelling properties. It's also wise to use a finish that's designed for making timber more water resistant.

2. Decorative tiles

Tiles are a more traditional material that make a practical and durable choice for a bathroom feature wall. However, with the array of beautiful and colourful tiling options available these days, the look you create doesn't have to be traditional in appearance.

High gloss, glazed tiles in geometric shapes such as hexagons or fishtail make a highly decorative and modern feature wall. For a more subdued pattern, subway tiles laid in a herringbone pattern are also very effective. Hand-painted Moroccan style tiles are also another tiling trend that makes a striking and exotic feature wall in a bathroom.

3. Metal sheets

Metallics have been an enduring trend in interior design in recent years and metal sheets can be used to create a beautiful feature wall in your bathroom. Copper, brass and brushed aluminium are all metals that are in fashion right now and make a big contribution if you want an edgy, contemporary feel in your bathroom.

If you prefer a more traditional look, then pressed metal sheets may be a good choice. This type of feature was used extensively in period homes and involves imprinting a decorative pattern into the surface of the metal. The metal can be painted with your choice of colour for a pretty, vintage look.