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Reasons To Install White Cabinetry In Your Kitchen

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When remodelling your kitchen, one option for your cabinetry is white. A timeless choice, here are several reasons to stick with this classic theme.

Brightens The Kitchen

White cupboards brighten up a kitchen, giving it a fresh feel. Even in a room with dark walls and flooring, a flash of white cabinetry will bring a lightness to the space, preventing it from feeling drab. If the rest of the kitchen decor is white, though, the overall effect will be airy and bright. Because pale colours and polished surfaces are reflective, white cabinetry will bounce light around the room, making the most of existing illumination, both natural and artificial. This will help with smaller kitchens, which will feel larger and more spacious as a result.

Suits Many Styles

Whether your kitchen is rustic, modern or traditional, white is an excellent choice as it works within various styles and decors. White comes in many forms, from crisp, clean tones for a sleek contemporary look, to creamy whites that complement traditional contoured cupboards. Because of this flexibility, it should be hassle-free to find the right white shade for your design.

Easy To Play With Contrast

You can play with the colours and textures that surround white cabinets to add interest and contrast to your kitchen—and the white will add a relaxing neutral for your eye to rest on. Against a navy or charcoal accent wall, white cabinetry will pop with a smart difference. To change the look, simply alter the accent wall colour, and because white is so versatile, the colour options are virtually limitless. 

If you like contemporary styling, why not insert a vibrant red glass splashback behind a white wall of sleek cupboards? Alternatively, dark slate flooring will act as a foil to white crispness. For a two-toned effect, couple white upper cabinets with grey lower ones to create interest and contrast between the two tiers.

Matches Many Materials

White cabinets complement diverse materials. For instance, in a kitchen with timber flooring, the freshness of white emphasises the warmth and texture of the wood grain. White cupboards also enhance a smooth and sleek glass splashback; the cleanness of both tie them together. Alternatively, white million style cupboard doors, filled with glass panels, furnishes a timeless, classic look. And the combination of stainless steel and white in a modern space provides a clean, clutter-free feel. White cupboards are so versatile that it is easy to match them with a range of other elements when coordinating all the components in kitchen design, making the whole process easier and more fun when hiring custom joinery services to build your remodel.