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Cabinetry Decisions to Make During a Kitchen Renovation

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Kitchen cabinets come in endless variations. While this means you have ample choice, knowing what will suit your home can be challenging. Here's an outline of several of the major decisions you will need to make when renovating the kitchen cupboards.

Picking a Colour

The colour of the cabinets is a crucial aspect. To make a choice, get clear on the room's overall aesthetic, which will suggest particular hues. For example, a contemporary kitchen will suit white, grey, black or boldly coloured cupboards. However, you could choose warmer hues like cream or beige in a traditional space. Stained timber doors are perfect for country kitchens, and smooth faux wood cupboards are ideal for a modern design.

When choosing the cupboard's colour, focus on other elements in the room as well to create harmony. If the countertop is a brightly speckled piece of granite, you could choose a subdued cabinet colour. You can do the same if the splashback is vibrantly patterned. However, if these surfaces are a neutral white, you might prefer to opt for bright cabinets.

Choosing a Style

The cupboard door style should also align with the kitchen aesthetic for a consistent effect. Is your kitchen contemporary or traditional? Flat slab doors with clean lines will complement a contemporary style, while contoured and detailed door panels will fit in a traditional space. You could opt for shaker doors if your kitchen is eclectic or combines contemporary and traditional elements. These doors have a recessed panel with subtle contouring, making them versatile design-wise.

Selecting Handles

The handles are essential to the cabinetry's aesthetic as well. The minimalism of a contemporary kitchen needs uncomplicated handles, such as linear bar handles. You can match the finish to stainless steel appliances. In a traditional kitchen, on the other hand, you can choose ornate brass knobs or intricate and detailed drop handles. You can try a simple knob in a bronze, black or copper finish in a rustic kitchen.

Opting for a Finish

A practical aspect you also have to consider is the door finish. You can pick options like 2-pac, vinyl wrap and laminate.

A 2-pac finish consists of paint and hardener sprayed and melded to MDF to complete the doors. This process creates a smooth, lush finish that is extremely hard-wearing. You could alternatively opt for doors that are wrapped in vinyl and heated. Another alternative is laminate doors covered with various layers, including a decorative layer with a plastic film. Your cabinet makers can help you make all the right choices.

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