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Renovation Design Tips for a Small Bathroom

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Bathrooms are not typically the largest rooms in a house. Some can be the reverse and be relatively compact. When renovating, you don't necessarily have to do anything drastic to make a small bathroom seem bigger. Just follow these design tips.

Heated Towel Ladder

Thinking about towels and where to hang them may not be the first thing that springs to mind when visually enlarging a bathroom. But towels strewn around the room is one thing that can make it look messy, which is the opposite of what you want. Clutter can give a crowded feel and make a space feel smaller.

To prevent clutter, you could install a heated towel ladder on the wall. These wall units are heated via electrical wiring hidden in the wall rather than plugging into an electrical outlet, which can add jumble. Additionally, they don't take up a limited floor area. You can hang your towels neatly in one spot where they can dry out and not sit around damp.  Choose a design and finish to match your bathroom, picking from chrome, brass or matte black, for example. You might opt for traditional straight bars or a modern curved ladder. The bars can be round, square or rectangular. These towel radiators will help keep the bathroom toasty and dry as well.

Wall-Mounted Vanity Unit

A tip to creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom is to free up as much floor area as possible. One approach to this strategy is to fit a wall-mounted vanity unit. Because it's attached to the wall, you can see the floor area underneath, which provides a sense of it continuing to the wall. Thus, the room will seem more open and less cramped than otherwise. To take things a step further, connect a wall-mounted tap to free up space on the countertop. You might then get away with installing a shallower vanity. Pick a streamlined vanity design, too, to minimise visual clutter. For example, choose a model with rounded edges and recessed handles.

Frameless Glass Shower Screens

Another way to generate openness during bathroom renovations is to install frameless shower and bath screens. The shower area will feel more integrated with the general bathroom area without prominent metal edging. The discrete and minimal hardware that connects the shower doesn't add extra visual detail. You might construct a frameless corner shower with a door. For a more minimal effect, install a fixed screen in the corner of a bathroom for a wet room effect. To combine a bath and shower, you could install a frameless glass panel beside the tub.

For more information about bathroom renovations, contact a local contractor.