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Reasons to Install Glass Cabinets in Your Kitchen

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The cabinetry covers a large area of the kitchen, so the style you select during kitchen remodelling has a notable impact. If you're having your cupboards custom-built, your options are endless.  One attractive possibility to consider is glass cupboard doors. To discover how they'll benefit your kitchen, read on.

Light and Airy

Solid cupboard doors create a wall of cabinetry, whereas glass fronts allow you to see past the door. Thus, they create an open and airy feel in a kitchen. The reflective nature of glass also helps to engender a bright and open space.

Glass doors are often used for the upper cabinetry, preventing heavy cupboards from towering over the room. Dark-coloured overhead cabinets give the worst looming effect, but white doors feel lighter. However, glass panels provide the airiest sense.

Break Up Monotony

You could choose a few cupboards for the glass doors rather than fitting them on all the cupboards. When done this way, glass cabinets break up the monotony of repeated doors.

You could install glass in all the highest cupboards or choose several central cabinets only. Otherwise, develop a pattern by installing a glass door on every second cupboard. The options are unlimited. Another possibility is to install these doors on a kitchen island only, creating a central feature with the glass.

Display Case

Glass cabinetry function as a type of display case, allowing you to show off your favourite crockery and plates. Because the doors close, your treasures won't get dusty, and they're protected from being broken, being out of the way. You can create decorative effects by placing brightly coloured items inside that will attract attention. You won't have to put your cherished items away in a dark cupboard where they can't be appreciated.

Glass Options

You can also install different styles of glass cabinet doors to match your kitchen decor. For example, you could install a door with a full glass panel or timber framing that holds several smaller panes. You can also decide between different glass types. As well as clear, you can opt for frosted glass that obscures the view into the cupboards. Thus, you won't have to be as neat putting your items away. Frosted glass still gives a sense of space beyond the door, so it retains a feeling of airiness and light. Ask your renovation expert for more ideas on how to incorporate glass into your new kitchen cupboards.

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