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Tiling Ideas for a Small Bathroom

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In a small bathroom, you should pay special attention to the tiles you spread across the walls and floors. For ideas on how to maximise the space, read on.

Light and Neutral 

To prevent a busy, crowded feel in a compact room, stick with light neutral tiles. The pale calming hues will help to create an airy and open feel. For example, spread fawn travertine stone tiles around the walls or light grey ceramic ones. Pale shades reflect light to brighten up the bathroom, which creates an impression of bigger proportions. Conversely, if areas of a room are steeped in shadow and not clearly visible, the room can feel smaller.

Uninterrupted Surfaces

Another way to create a sense of spaciousness is to design continuous surfaces on the walls and floors. You can do this by extending the same tiles from floor to ceiling, avoiding a horizontal transition line where the tiling ends and the bare wall begins. Thus, for a wall encased in ivory porcelain tiles, continue them to the ceiling. Across the flooring, you can stretch the same tiles inside and outside the shower enclosure. Transparent glass shower screens will allow you to see an expanded floor area, which will make the bathroom feel larger. 

As well as reducing transitions between surfaces, you can also minimise grout lines. Large tiles feature fewer and less frequent joins that give a busy quality. Rectified tiles laid with thin grouting will form a seamless surface that feels more like one integrated surface than many individual tiles.

Patterned Tiles

If you crave patterned tiles and want to incorporate them into your design, you could opt for a feature splashback area above the vanity, for example. That way, you can incorporate some jazzy tiles, but limit their impact on the room proportions.


Of course, mirrors provide a classic way to enlarge a room visually. You could set a mirror across one wall, extending from corner to corner, to make the area appear twice as large. Alternatively, a smaller mirror also will give the sense of the wall continuing into the distance. Other reflective non-mirror surfaces also help. Shiny taps, polished tiles, and shimmering glass shower screens bounce light around the room and help you to create the illusion of more generous proportions.

Thus, by paying attention to wall and floor surfaces during bathroom renovations, you can engender the feeling of extra space. Stick with pale, neutral calming tiles rather than vibrant and busy ones. Minimise joints and transitions. Plus, enlist the help of mirrors that add dimension to the room.