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5 Reasons to Swap Your Kitchen's Upper Cabinets for Exposed Shelves

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Most kitchens offer a variety of cabinets for storage. They can be fine at lower levels, but there are actually plenty of compelling reasons to swap out your upper cabinets for exposed shelves during your next kitchen renovation, and here are just five:

1. Easier Access

The most obvious benefit that comes with replacing your cabinets with open shelves is being able to reach everything a lot more easily. Firstly, you won't have to open any doors to grab what you need, which can be very nice when one of your hands is already holding something else. And since the shelves are open, you won't need to search for what you need – a quick visual scan is all that it will take. Finally, larger items will be easier to store since you won't have to put up with the trouble of manoeuvring them in and out of cabinets.

2. Easier Cleaning

Some people will tell you that it's harder to clean exposed shelves because there is no door keeping out the dust. However, you'll probably find that cleaning is actually a lot easier since you'll be able to see any spills of food as soon as they are made, and dirt and grime won't be able to build up within the dark and tight corners you find in cabinets.

3. More Open Space

Shelves and cabinets can offer similar amounts of storage space; however, exposed shelves make a room look and feel a lot larger and more open. Space isn't blocked off from sight, creating the illusion of more room. Additionally, you won't have to deal with doors opening outwards. As well as taking up space, doors can be quite easy to crack your head on when you stand up after bending down to get something from a lower cabinet. These are particularly important concerns if your kitchen is a little on the smaller side.

4. Reduced Cost

During most kitchen renovations, you're going to be working on a budget. Going with exposed shelves instead of cabinets can help cut down on your expenses since there is far less work involved, as well as fewer raw materials. In fact, it's relatively easy to fit shelves yourself.

5. Versatile Construction

Cabinets fit in some kitchens without a problem, but their lack of versatility can often be quite hard to deal with. As larger pieces, they fit poorly in cramped spaces or around existing appliances. Shelves can be installed in any configuration you like and still work perfectly with the surrounding area. 

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