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Little Known Advantages of Choosing Timber Benchtops

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One of the elements that stand out in your kitchen are your benchtops, and this is because they take up a considerable amount of space. Thus, if you are remodelling your kitchen or are in the process of constructing one, you need to take your time when making a selection of benchtop materials to make sure that you pick one that will meet all your requirements.

Although stone is one of the staple materials used for benchtops, one of the trends that is emerging is the use of timber. As long as you stick with hardwood species, timber benchtops would be a long-term investment for your kitchen. Below are some of the advantages of choosing timber kitchen benchtops. 

Timber benchtops have a unique and attractive appearance

One of the biggest advantages of timber benchtops is that their appearance is unmatched. Solid timber benchtops have unique and aesthetically appealing grains that are sure to complement any kitchen design. In addition to this, you can get your timber benchtops in an array of colours.

A misconception people have is that the only available colour would be brown. In reality, the hue of the timber will be dictated by the species, giving you the flexibility to choose from golden yellow to dark auburn depending on your aesthetic preference.

Lastly, timber remains a classic building supply you can be assured that your kitchen would have a timeless appeal.

Timber benchtops are highly durable

An assumption people make about timber benchtops is that they will not be as long lasting as other materials since they are organic. In reality, timber benchtops can outlast various other benchtop materials, such as laminate, as they are inherently strong. The key is to ensure that you invest in a solid hardwood species that has matured. The older the wood, the more it would have weathered the elements. This weathering makes the mature timber a degree of water resistance, heat resistance and will even make the timber denser. Therefore, you would not have to worry about your timber benchtops deteriorating.

Timber benchtops are easy to maintain

Over time, your timber benchtops will acquire chips and scratches due to heavy usage. However, these flaws would not translate into having to replace your benchtops. All you need to do is have your benchtops maintained through occasional sanding, oiling and subsequent sealing. This maintenance keeps your benchtops attractive and ensures they last longer.