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Advantages and Drawbacks of Different Stone Benchtops

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When it comes to giving your kitchen character as well as enhancing its efficiency, one of the elements that you would have to consider is benchtops. Benchtops come in a wide variety of options, and this can be confusing if you are purchasing benchtops for the first time. Rather than base your decision on cost you would have to consider the fact that your benchtops will become collateral damage due to the heavy exploitation that they experience. A popular material used to create benchtops is stone. Read on to find out the different advantages and drawbacks of the various stone benchtops available.


Quartz is a type of stone has an eye-catching appearance, so you can rest assured that it will boost the aesthetics of your kitchen, Another benefit of quartz is that it is inherently stain resistant, which makes it much easier to clean. Quartz benchtops are also highly resistant to scuffing and scratches as they are one of the hardest materials that you can find. Since quartz is non-absorbent, you do not have to worry about bacteria and other microbes lingering on your benchtops. Nonetheless, it should be noted that quartz does are susceptible to fading over time so might become an eyesore as the benchtops become advanced in age. Additionally, quartz is one of the more expensive options when considering stone benchtops. Thus, it may not be affordable for some people.


When it comes to stone benchtops, they do not come as hard as granite. Its diamond-hard surface makes it an exceptional benchtop material that will not chip, crack or develop other structural damages easily. Since granite has an inherently hard surface, it is extremely durable. Your granite benchtops will be resistant to scorching, scratching and staining. Therefore, you can be assured that the granite benchtops will serve you for the long term. Granite does present a number of drawbacks that you should be aware of before investing in these benchtops. The first thing to note is that granite is porous. As such, you would have to seal it on a routine basis to prevent them from becoming a potential health hazard.


If luxury is your primary concern, marble benchtops would be the best bet for your kitchen These benchtops add a prestigious element to your kitchen with their timeless beauty. In addition to this, marble is quite reflective thus can assist in boosting illumination in your kitchen. However, one of the main things to note about marble is they are prone to etching when exposed to acidic substances.