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A Few Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Functional and Attractive

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Your home's kitchen needs to serve many functions; not only do you cook in a kitchen, but it's where you store your food, trash bins, recycling bins, and many other items, and it may be a place where family gathers and where you entertain. This can make creating a working kitchen that you love very challenging! Note a few tips for keeping your home's kitchen functional yet attractive, so you and your friends love spending time in that space.

Add vertical wall storage

If your kitchen is a bit short on storage space, consider vertical wall storage, as you can store many items along an unused wall without adding cabinets that get in the way. A towel bar can provide space for hooks from which you might hang small pans and cooking utensils. A magnetic strip can hold knives by their blades, or metal canisters for spices.

However, because you want to keep the kitchen attractive, invest in high-quality pieces for anything that will be visible. Choose a towel bar in a brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze, and shop for new spice canisters that will look nice when stored along a wall.

Put recycling bins in a drawer

Recycling bins are not very attractive, which is why you may want to put them in a lower drawer rather than stacking them up along a wall or next to the refrigerator. A deep lower drawer can hold several different bins that make it easy to sort your home's recycling, while still keeping everything out of site.

Use hooks inside doors

Don't just toss your broom and mop next to the refrigerator, but install hooks inside the pantry door for these tools. This gets them out of the way and out of sight. Hooks inside doors can also be set next to each other so they hold lids for pots and pans or all those slotted spoons that always get lost in drawers. This makes these smaller items easier to find but also keeps them hidden away.

Install frosted door fronts

Opening up cabinets can make the kitchen look larger and brighter, but this also means putting all your dishes and glassware on display. A good alternative is to swap out some door fronts with frosted glass. The frosting keeps items hidden, but the space won't look dark and dingy. A custom cabinetmaker can also add some lighting behind the doors, to illuminate the space for a nice glow at night.