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4 Reasons to Stick With a Radiator in Your Bathroom Instead of Installing Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor heating has really taken off as a coveted home improvement idea across the country, especially for rooms like the bathroom. While underfloor heating does come with a great list of benefits, it isn't free from problems, and many people will be better off simply sticking with a radiator.

Here are just four reasons why you should keep or replace your current bathroom radiator instead of going through the fuss and bother of installing underfloor heating.

1. Faster Heating

Probably the most compelling advantage that radiators hold over underfloor heating is that they will get a room warmer a lot faster. Underfloor heating is far from instantaneous, so many systems must simply be left on all day in order to keep things comfortable. In contrast, a radiator should be able to heat up a bathroom in less than half an hour, and they'll also cool down faster if you feel like things have gotten a bit too hot.

2. Lower Expense

Underfloor heating is still seen as a luxury option, and it can certainly command luxury prices. Radiators are quite simple, and your bathroom will probably already have one. If you want to replace it for a newer model, the cost of both the product and installation will not be too extortionate. If you go for underfloor heating, you'll have to pay for a whole new set of pipes beneath your floor, and that's going to mean pulling the floor up.

3. Easier Maintenance

It should come as no surprise to learn that underfloor heating isn't as easy to care for as a standard radiator. Of course, you're unlikely to experience a problem with either, but any leaks or efficiency problems with an underfloor heating system are going to be hard to diagnose and even harder to fix. You'll need to call in the services of a professional, and any work will require your floor to be pulled up yet again.

4. Hanging Space

One of the reasons people like to give in favour of underfloor heating is that installing it in the bathroom will free up one of the walls, arguably providing more storage space. However, most radiators are already used for storage; people hang up dressing gowns, towels, and clothing on their radiator, either while washing themselves or just in general. This keeps those items off the floor and ensures that they are nice and warm when you come to need them once again.